The Road Less Traveled By

The heart wants, what the heart wants..

"I’m sleep though,"

1. To give an incredibly valid point or opinion without wanting to further participate in the conversation 2. A way of contributing one’s “two cents.” Your tracks are showing, but I’m sleep though.” (via blackproverbs)

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What purpose does Mikes Hard Lemonade serve? This stuff is like adult koolaid. Good thing its tasty because its not doing shit else.

What good is slaving in a 9 to 5 if you can’t enjoy it? This fill-in was much needed
Early morning music flow and stuff.. #theworst #jheneaiko #pandora #goodmorning #onrepeat
Mexican Chicken and Spanish rice prepared by yours truly and @mr_k2_86 for the fam :) #familytime #sundaydinner #coupleswhocooktogetherstaytogether #eatinggood

I love getting days off, but dread going back to work the next day. Those days off are straight TEASERS! Minimum wage is not a big motivator.

Now I remember why I don’t drink. I end up remembering things and texting people who have collected dust in my contact list bringing up past failures smh

How my night ended smh

8. April 2014

-Amsterdam and Purity, which I discovered is the best possible mixture. It was like a berry lemonade type deal.
-and more passion

2:22 am thoughts

8. April 2014

Its amazing how much your past can have an effect on your present smh. Its amazing how your mind can bury things deep within the walls of your mind, considered forgotten, but still plays on loops when you least expect it. Your subcontious can tell on you without having to say a word. Hurt you experienced from 5 years ago that you brushed off can hit you like a sudden shower and put a damper on any mood. It has the power to break down walls quicker than they can be put up. Can ruin relationships in one gesture. Have you surrounded by people and lonely at the same time. Have you hating someone and you don’t even know why. Don’t say that nothing is bothering you because its written all over your face in red ink. Stamped.

Don’t say you’ve gotten over something when you know you haven’t. Your subcontious will tell on you quicker than you can blink your eyes. Silent betrayal always hurts the worst.

This shit ends now.